1. Eligibility

    The Competition is open to pianists of any nationality, except for the 1st and 2nd Prize winners of previous London International Piano Competitions, born on or after 29th April 1979.

  2. Application

    Final date for receipt of applications at the Competition address is 10 December 2008.

  3. Admission

    The Admission Panel will select a maximum of 24 pianists for admission to the Competition. The pre-selection procedure will be based on the evaluation of submitted documents and video/dvd recordings. The 1st and 2nd prizewinners of other piano competitions which are members of the World Federation of International Music Competitions, and who received their awards on or after 29th April 2005, will be granted entry on submission of documents only, without a video recording.

  4. Documents

    The following documents must be sent with the application form. Please do not send originals as no documents will be returned.

    1. Entry Fee

      An entry fee of £70 sterling is payable to London International Piano Competition, Barclays Bank plc, Sort Code 20-44-86, Account no. 4061 9612. IBAN GB53 BARC 2044-8640-6196-12 SWIFTBIC BARCGB22 Payment may be made by personal cheques only if they are drawn from a British bank, or by International Bankers Draft. The payment of bank charges and commission for conversion into sterling is the responsibility of the applicant. The entry fee is not refundable.

    2. Photographs

      Three good quality black/white photographs suitable for publication, no smaller than 9 x 12 cm.

    3. Birth Certificate

      A certified copy of a birth certificate or other legal document stating applicant's age and nationality.

    4. Biography

      A typewritten copy of the applicant's biography of no more than 100 words.

    5. Letters of Recommendation

      One letter of recommendation from the applicant's most recently attended musical institution or teacher, specifically referring to the chosen programme, and one letter of recommendation from another musician of standing, together with copies of diplomas and degrees certifying the standard of the applicant's musical education.

    6. References

      Copies of any published references to musical activities, such as press releases and reviews of concerts given, awards received, recordings released, etc.

    7. List of Teachers

      A chronological list of all past and present teachers.

  5. Preselection

    The preselection procedure will be as follows:

    1. Part 1

      All applicants will be evaluated by the Admission Panel and its decision will be communicated to each applicant by 15 December 2008.

    2. Part 2

      Selected applicants will be invited to submit a good-quality recording on DVD or VHS video tape (in PAL or PAL-SECAM format), with stereo sound recorded directly onto the tape and with no post-production editing. Single-camera recording is acceptable. Total duration should be approximately 20 minutes and consist of the following repertoire:
      i) 1st movement of a classical sonata from the Stage 1 list
      ii) One Chopin study (excluding op.10 Nos 3 & 6; op.25 no.7; Trois Nouvelles Etudes)
      iii) One work of the candidate's own choice.

      Tapes must reach the Competition office by 15 January 2009 and must be clearly labelled with the candidate's full name and full repertoire details.
    3. Part 3

      The Admission Panel will select a maximum of 24 applicants for eventual participation in the Competition. They will be notified by 1 February 2009.

  6. Competition Stages

    1. The Competition will have four stages: Stages 1, 2 and 3 will be solo recitals, and Stage 4 will be a concerto performance with orchestra.
    2. Each pianist chosen to participate in the Competition will perform a 30 minute programme in Stage 1 and a 40 minute programme in Stage 2.
    3. Up to nine pianists will be selected to perform a 50 minute programme in Stage 3.
    4. Three pianists will be selected to perform one concerto with an orchestra in the Grand Final.
  7. Repertoire Regulations

    1. Works to be performed must be chosen by applicants from the Competition repertoire, except the free choices in Stage 2 or Stage 3. The order in which they are to be performed may be determined by the applicant.
    2. Changes to the submitted repertoire will require the permission of the Competition Administration. NO CHANGES WILL BE CONSIDERED AFTER 1ST MARCH 2009.
    3. Works performed in one stage may not be repeated in any other stage.
    4. When submitting their chosen repertoire applicants must include full details of all works, including the full titles, opus numbers (or K number / D number / Hob number, etc.) and timings.
    5. The Jury reserves the right to select only part of a work to be performed or to stop competitors who exceed the time limit allocated.
    6. Repeats may be included or omitted at the applicant's discretion, bearing in mind the time limits specified.
    7. Works requiring prepared piano or use of additional equipment will not be allowed.
    8. Performances of unpublished works will not be allowed.

    Applicants should note :

    1.  The order of appearance in Stage 1 will be drawn by lot prior to the opening of the Competition. Thereafter, successful competitors will perform in the same order, except for the Stage 4 concert, the order of which will be decided by the Jury.
    2. All works performed during the Competition must be played from memory with the exception of those marked with an asterisk in section 3/A of the Repertoire.
    3. Competitors are advised to make full use of the time allowed for each stage in the Competition. The Jury will take the choice of programme and use of time into consideration.
    4. Competitors unable to perform when required may be disqualified. In the case of illness or accident, a medical certificate must be provided and the Jury may, at its discretion, change the order of the competitor's appearance.
    5. If at any time during the Competition after Stage 2, a competitor cannot perform due to ill-health or as a result of any irregularity ("the Defaulting Competitor"), the Competition Administration /Jury shall be entitled to promote the highest placed runner-up to take place in the next round in place of the Defaulting Competitor. In the event of a tie between the runners-up, the jury will be asked to vote again until the closest runner-up is selected.
    6. All stages of the Competition will be open to the general public and may be broadcast live or recorded on radio, television or film for future transmission in the U.K. and/or abroad.
    7. Any applicant giving inaccurate or misleading information will be disqualified.
  8. Repertoire

    You can find the repertoire listings here.

  9. Practice and Rehearsals

    Daily practice facilities will be provided for competitors. There will be two rehearsals with orchestra for the Finalists.

  10. Performance Rights

    Whilst participating in the Competition, competitors will be contracted exclusively to the Competition which will have the right, without payment of fees, to:

    1. Televise, film, video, tape-record, broadcast or photograph all stages of the Competition for media or any other purpose.
    2. Produce documentary or feature films.
    3. Produce and distribute recordings of all stages of the Competition, either in whole or in part, including any Prizewinners' concerts immediately following the Competition.
    4. Competitors are expected to make themselves available for media interviews and performances during the Competition.
    5. Prizewinners must be available for up to four days after the Competition to perform or appear in publicity events. No fees will be paid for any such event but accommodation will be provided by the Competition.
    6. Prizewinners are obliged to acknowledge all awards in all future publicity materials.
  11. Prizewinner's performance contracts

    Engagements which are offered to any Prizewinner as a direct result of the Competition will be negotiated by, and contracted through the Competition office for a period of three years. Prizewinners will be expected to undertake all such engagements whenever possible.

  12. Travel & Accommodation

    Competitors will be provided with accommodation during the time they participate in the Competition. Should they choose to arrive earlier or remain after their participation in the Competition is over, accommodation and all other expenses will be their own responsibility. Competitors travelling from outside Europe will be provided with accommodation for an additional day. A contribution towards travel expenses of up to £200 will be offered to those participants who reach the semi-finals.

  13. Registration

    All accepted competitors will be notified of the date when they are required to arrive in London, and to register with the Competition Administration.

  14. Interpretation

    Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of any part of the rules and regulations of the London International Piano Competition, the decision of the Competition Administration, Admission Panel and Jury will be final and not subject to any appeal. No correspondence will be entered into.

    The Competition Administration reserve the right to amend any of the rules or regulations contained herein if it is considered necessary to give proper efficacy to the running of the Competition.